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Saturday, November 08, 2014


So I've got a new comic book (my third one in the last 2 months!). Here's me checking out a prototype of the front and back covers.

MANIAC PRIEST. A vigilante priest ravaging the L.A. underworld. Basically playing in that 1980s 'vigilante porn' genre (movies like DEATH WISH, THE EXTERMINATOR, 'The Executioner' novels, etc.). But with the added dimension of exploring it through the actions of a 'Man of God'. 

Earlier this year I watched, for the first time, the MANIAC COP movies, a trilogy of exploitation films dealing with a former policeman hellbent of extracting revenge on society for wrongs that were done to him. The films are sheer fun, and really inspired to me to of my own 'maniac'! A priest quickly came to mind. I did a few sketches (in February) and put it away, until just a couple of weeks ago something compelled me to whip up a quick story. I'm not saying that the 'something' was divine intervention, but I sure had a desire to see this story through! 

I'm doing a signing at Nostalgic Books & Comics (San Gabriel, CA) on November 15, along with fellow cartoonist Michael Aushenker. The book will debut there, but I'll also have copies available in my webshop through a Pre-order campaign.

MANIAC PRIEST: GENESIS EDITION will be a magazine-size, 12 page comic. Full color covers, with interior pages featuring b&w art colored in gray tones. A special guest pinup by Michael Aushenker is featured, along with some behind-the-scenes material featuring early sketches and production art. The book will be signed & numbered, and each Pre-ordered comic comes with an inked drawing from me on the inside front cover. Like the one shown below:

This is probably about the fastest I've created a comic. Partly because I wanted to debut this comic at my upcoming signing, but also because I felt a very strong desire to see it through. Drawing, inking, coloring and lettering this 7 page short story, presenting the world the character exists in, has been fun. One of the things that really attracts me to this is raising some fundamental questions about man, his relationship and belief in God, his sense of justice and mercy. Even when I don't arrive at an 'answer' in the story, it's the exploration of the questions that provide me with a lot of creative fuel. What starts as an idea to riff off of exploitation films evolves, hopefully, into something worth mulling over in one's head.

To pre-order a copy, please visit my Los Comex Webshop right here. I'll be taking Pre-orders until Wednesday. And if you're going to attend the store signing on the 15th, let me know during the check-out process on the store site. I can take your comic with me to the signing and give it to you then. I'll even credit you the $3.00 shipping fee by applying it to any of my other products at the signing, or simply give you the $3.00 in cash!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview for Telemundo

Here's a Spanish-language interview I did for the Telemundo morning show UN NUEVO DIA. This was filmed in July at Pico Park (Pico Park, CA) where I teach comic book workshops. I really like the creative shots the cameraman chose!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Christmas in October!

Debuting this October 11 & 12 in San José, CA, at the Latino Comics Expo:

Yes, it's my new, full-color, digest-sized Holiday comic! As a young fan back in the 70s I always liked it when Marvel & DC would put out special Christmas-themed comics, featuring the superheroes in Holiday time adventures. So when I realized I had some stories that I could package in a Yuletide collection....

My new book features, for the first time in print, my poem THE NIGHT BEFORE NAVIDAD (which I originally published online back in 2006). And this time, I created full-color illustrations for it's print debut. 

I'm also reprinting "Haunted Holidays", my one-page comic originally published as a Poster Comic, starring Jacob & Joaquin: The Wandering Jew and Catholic Boy.  Another comic is also being reprinted, but for the first time it's being presented in full-color. My "Manga Muerto" story from 2000, where I presented this alternate version of El Muerto. Here he's a foreign exchange student in Japan given charge of a giant robot!

And rounding out this collection is an 8 page gallery of artwork I've created over the years as promotional pieces, art prints, covers, etc. THE ART OF LOS COMEX:

For the initial release, I'll have all the copies of this book at the Expo, but once I get back, I'll place a new order and put them in my webshop for your Holiday shopping needs. Remember, at 5.5" x 7.75", they make the perfect stocking stuffers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pre-order MORE COMICS! By Javier Hernandez

I've got a new book coming out, available for pre-order:
A full-color anthology of comics published online earlier this year. Four Pagers featuring Dinosaurio, The Super 75ers and Felinus. They're being collected for the first time in print, along with The Legend of Felinus, the one-page Poster Comic (inked by cartoonist Rafael Navarro). All the production on the book is done. Once the pre-order campaign is over, I'll send the files to the printing company, wait for a proof, then impatiently look for the batch of freshly printed comics to arrive on my doorstep!

This 20 page, 8" x 10.50" book also features 8 pages of behind-the-scenes material including sketches, production art and creator commentary. And included in the pre-order will be this newly created, signed & numbered print featuring Felinus and Dinosaurio. You can't beat a pink werewolf riding a blue tyrannosaurus rex!

Last year we published COMICS!, a full-color, 20 page comic featuring a dozen one pages stories plus extras. If you don't have that one yet, you can order both titles in a set and still get the cool print:

Pre-orders help us indie creators cover the printing costs for our books, so anyone who joins in will be very much appreciated. You can Pre-order MORE COMICS! by Javier Hernandez over at my online webshop. Pre-orders will be accepted until August 29th and the book will be in your hands by early October.

And one more thing: The first 5 people to pre-order will get one of my original cover sketches I made while trying to decide on the cover for MORE COMICS!. I drew 5 different versions until settling on the one in the middle. You'll get one of these drawings, so be among the first five to pre-order (either the single issue or the combo set)!

Thank you!